The best paper planners exclusively created for discovery writers by a discovery writer

"This is absolutely brilliant and is already proving to be helpful with my manuscripts (yes, plural—there's room for 2 projects PLUS an area at the back for “next time”). I love that dividers were included because I like to stay organized and not have to search when I'm in the middle of a writing frenzy (writers, you know what I'm talking about!). I love how much thought and effort went into this.
Definitely recommend and will purchase from this shop again!"

Sarah D., Washington

If you could smash your writing goals WHILE ALSO sustaining a rewarding professional and personal life, knowing exactly what to focus on each week to progress your goals...

...would you go for it?

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Or would you continue to...

⚠️ Stare at the blank page unsure where to start
⚠️ Stay stuck in fear mode, not knowing what it feels like to reach your writing goals
⚠️ React to distractions week after week

If you're ready to dive into a flexible planner that doesn't care when you start or stop, the point is to keep going...

The Bright Bird Press fiction planners can give you a flexible way to focus on your writing goals without causing overwhelm or increase pressure, while supporting your personal and professional goals, too.

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Unsure which journal or planner will best suit your needs as a
busy, multi-tasking creative whose schedule requires stopping and
starting frequently? Refer to this guide so you can make confident
buying decisions from Bright Bird Press. All our offerings are undated
to support your busy schedule.

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