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Illustration of Bright Bird Press's owner and founder, drawn by Mindy Bayko

Welcome to Bright Bird Press

Founded in 2010, Bright Bird PressĀ® is a one-woman, independent micro-press in Columbus, Ohio. I publish fiction and non-fiction, and create writer's notebooks, planners, and accessories to support my fellow writers. I also have an Etsy shop if that's your preferred method of purchasing.

I got my start in creating journals when I dove deep into the world of Ryder Carroll's Bullet Journal methodology. I found myself setting up my writing journals with similar spreads on repeat, and thought, "There has to be a better way." I wanted to get into the work, I didn't want to have to spend time setting up the journal. That's when I created my first journal for discovery writers, The Novel Planner. It was a small, saddlestitch journal with predefined spreads in the first half, and empty brainstorming pages in the second half.

Eventually, that evolved into a spiral notebook with more spreads and more pages. I keep iterating on the journals, providing different combinations of spreads and bindings, hoping you will find the right fit for your projects. Naturally, as I became a mother, I found myself seeking simple but beautiful journals that took away the strain of learning how to be a mom, inspiring me to create the caregiver and neuro-divergent collections!

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Illustration by Mindy Bayko.

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