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Unsure which journal or planner will best suit your needs as a busy, multi-tasking creative whose schedule requires stopping and starting frequently? Refer to this guide so you can make confident buying decisions from Bright Bird Press. All our offerings are undated to support your busy schedule.

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I'm a creative writer who needs help brainstorming, planning, or plotting

Looking for journals to support your passion for creative writing?

Don't force me to do things in a certain order.

I want to track monthly habits

I want a planner that covers writing, work, and home plans.

I want to win NaNoWriMo!

I want to get started right away

I want to keep track of my reading history

Looking to track your reading habits? These journals are just for you!

I'm a caregiver for myself, a baby, or family member

Looking to minimize the mental load of caregiving? These journals are just for you!

I'm taking care of newborns and infants

I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes

I'm managing chronic pain

I'm a multi-passionate creative

Are you a multi-passionate creative needing flexible planning options? These journals are just for you!

I want to keep a list until I don't need it

I want to keep everything in one place