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Newborn Log

Newborn Log

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This A5-sized (5.83 x 8.26 inch) journal packs a punch for parents who like bullet journaling techniques to keep track of daily tasks. The size is perfect to throw in your bag and share between everyone who is taking care of your new little baby. I've written into the journal a series of common parent tracking needs from my own experience. You don't have to start from scratch or mess around with printing inserts with this journal, it has everything you need and nothing you don't. This journal takes the tedium of drawing common spreads off your hands.

This is an A5-sized journal with 104 customized pages to start your parenting journey. There are enough daily tracking pages to last the first two months of your child's life.

Is this for you?

This journal is for you if...

  1. You are a caretaker of a newborn.
  2. You are one of many caretakers of a newborn.
  3. You need to determine patterns so you know what to communicate to your pediatrician and others.
  4. You are bujo-aficionado who enjoys a completely structured journal or workbook.

This journal is NOT for you if...

  1. You prefer to make your own bujo spreads.

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The interior pages are black and white. The writing experience is like writing on typical sheet paper. You are encouraged to perform your own pen tests to ensure you avoid bleed, ghosting, or feathering if these things concern you; ballpoint pens are great on this paper.

Included spreads

  • Baby Details
  •  Birth Story
  • Check In Stats
  • Daily Tracker including the date, child's age, time, feeding, sleep, and reminders for caregiver self-care
  • Notes


  • 5.83" x 8.26" x 0.25"
  • 104 pages
  • Perfect binding
  • Matte softcover
  • Prepared Journal Pages
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