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Printable Plot Outlines

Printable Plot Outlines

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This set of FOUR plot templates are perfect for you NaNoWriMo friends out there who need a fast way to plot a story, especially if you don't have time for a full Preptober experience. My hope is to enable you, the busy fiction writer (maybe a plotter, probably a pantser), to get the main points of your story out of your brain and onto paper. After filling out the worksheet, you can cut, fold, and glue the zine sheet into a small booklet.

Pick your favorite method of plotting, or pick the method that best suits the story you're trying to write. You have four options in this pack!


I did not create these plotting methods. I created these specific worksheets and the zine-style one-page booklets, and instructions for how to use these methods. These PDF files are my personal creation.

  • The Story Circle by Dan Harmon.
  • The Hero's Journey by Joseph Campbell.
  • The Heroine's Journey by Gail Carriger.
  • The generic planner is inspired by an amalgam of 7-stage plot outlines.

Let's talk specs

This listing is for an instant download PDF. You will not receive a physical item from this listing. The best part about a digital file is if you make a mistake, you can print another copy to try again.

Included worksheets

  • Instruction sheet
  • Story Circle and single page booklet
  • Hero's Journey and single page booklet
  • Heroine's Journey and single page booklet


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This listing is for three PDF files with instructions per file, for four different fiction outlining methods.

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Customer Reviews

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Rebecca Y

Great printables, exactly as described, very happy with them

Tommia W

Perfect for planning -thank you!


Clear layout and form. Looking forward to this keeping me on track.